Selling a property involves several activities. We at ALPHA LUXE GROUP will do all the necessary work for you to sell your property in the shortest possible time at the best reasonable price.

Essential Real Estate Sales Services that we provide:
1. Consultancy regarding the preparation of the property before the sale.
2. Review of the real estate documentation and legal advising in case of need, resolving the legal status of the real estate.
3. Professional real estate photography.
4. Valuation of real estate by our agents.
5. Advertising of real estate on all relevant domestic and foreign portals.
6. Offering and showing properties from the agency portfolio to potential buyers.
7. Legal, administrative support, and consulting in the sale process (preparation of pre-contracts, contracts, tabular documents).

In case of need for additional actions before the sale itself, we are at your disposal for a complete service (lawyer services, architectural, construction services, etc.)

On request, we offer the following services:
1. Regulation of legal property status.
2. Valuation by certified appraisers.
3. Land use analysis.
4. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, we perform due diligence and assessment of the company.
5. Professional property cleaning.
6. Professional property video recording.
7. Energy certification of the property.
8. Architectural and construction services.
9. Surveying services.
10. Small Repair Services – Craft Services.

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Buying a property is a demanding and quite stressful job. You have a particular vision, needs, budget, but in the ocean of real estate offered, it's challenging to match all the parameters.

Hiring our agency will make your life much more comfortable. Through our real estate listings, you are more likely to find one that meets all your criteria much faster and more securely than searching it for yourself.

Customer services:
1. Consulting – contact with the customer to gather information about its requirements, needs and budget.
2. Real estate selection and presentation.
3. Legal control of documentation.
4. Property price negotiations.
5. Preparation of purchase and sale documentation (pre-contracts, contracts, tabular documents, ownership change in land registers).
6. Administrative support (change of ownership with utilities - electricity, water, utilities etc.)

In case the property you have chosen requires additional architectural or construction engagement, we can arrange the necessary service for you upon request.

On request, we offer the following services:
1. Regulation of legal property status.
2. Valuation by certified appraisers.
3. Land use analysis.
4. In the case of mergers and acquisitions, we perform due diligence and assessment of the company.
5. Professional property cleaning.
6. Professional property video recording.
7. Energy certification of the property.
8. Architectural and construction services.
9. Surveying services.
10. Small Repair Services – Craft Services.

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Our range of services also includes rental of villas and holiday homes. With a quality partner, your property will be maximally filled and generate a safe income.

What makes the holiday perfect, in our opinion? Location, beautiful weather, comfortable accommodation and good company.

Croatia is a beautiful country. Numerous visitors around the world testify to this. The pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, preserved natural beauty and perfect gastronomic offer, are a recipe for quality relaxation.

There are many reasons to visit Croatia throughout the year; from festive New Year's Eve, exciting Carnival days, spring preseason, to the attractive summer season and warm, colourful autumn.

The synergy of preserved natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage, superb gastronomy and welcoming and cheerful hosts is what makes us a top tourist destination.

We congrats you for choosing Croatia as your dream destination!

Get your dream accommodation on time, then start planning your time with us. You do not have to wander through the many offers yourself, contact us with confidence for everything you are interested in.

Not only have we secured the most beautiful villas for you at the best prices, but you will also get with us all the information on the destination you are visiting- current events during your stay, restaurants and cafes and sports activities.

The premise of our business is expeditiousness and providing complete service to our clients.

There are no unknowns and impossible tasks with us. Every day we work on perfecting, and at the same time, we strive to be as innovative as possible and keep up with world trends.

ALPHA LUXE GROUP is the first agency in Croatia to introduce cryptocurrency payments into its offer. In this way, we have become a part of the global crypto community, proud to dictate trends in the tourism, real estate and marketing services.

Every day we strive to be as good as possible at what we do so that you can be delighted and come back with confidence.

Therefore, if you want your holidays to go according to plan, make sure you get accommodation on time. Everything else is available to you when you arrive.


Istria and Kvarner are very desirable regions for living and holidaying, both for local and foreign citizens. Considering the extensive procedure in sales, we offer foreigners a complete service to save them time and avoid unnecessary costs:

Our services include:
1. Consultation and analysis of requirements needs and budget
2. Presentation of real estate for viewing and touring
3. Certified court interpreter translation services
4. Control of legal and construction documentation by a lawyer
5. Preparation of documentation and all actions for buyers (non-EU citizens) required to approve the registration of property rights through the Ministry of Justice
6. If necessary, the establishment of a company in the Republic of Croatia
7. Obtaining documentation in the name of the new owner
8. Transfer of utilities in the name of the new owner
9. Maintenance property.

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For the time you do not spend in your property let us take care of it. According to your needs, we create and offer personalised management and maintenance of your property, from paying bills, small home repairs, to maintaining gardens and swimming pools.

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Do you want to sell your property quickly and present all its advantages to potential buyers? ? In this case, we advise the engagement of our architects who will prepare you a design solution that will bring the property closer to the wishes of the buyer and thus accelerate the sale.

When it comes to buying, an architect can help you turn seemingly inappropriate real estate into a dream property. So you can find out in advance whether the property can be tailored to the specific requirements and what would be the cost of the operation.

Do you want to build a property that meets your needs and standards for a modern, functional and sustainable lifestyle?

Our team of certified architects and associates specializing in the design of buildings to the highest energy efficiency standards, with a Certified Passive House Designer and extensive experience in residential architecture, will combine contemporary housing and sustainable construction, relying on the building traditions of our area.

Through 3D visualization, you will be able to create a recognizable architectural concept with the architect in real-time, and thus better market your property.

Our expert team of architects and associates offers:
• architectural consultancy
• a preliminary study of spatial possibilities - verification of the task according to the spatial plan
• concept and schematic designs
• main projects
• detailed design
• interior design
• 3D photorealistic visualizations
• 3D walkthroughs
• sun study
• building physics project
• professional and design supervision
• bill of quantities for all professions

Our approach is interdisciplinary and integrative, all the professions needed to create a quality project solution. approach each project individually and with high sensitivity to the nature of it.

Besides, we are pioneers in the field of building BIM technology in Croatia (Building Information Modeling), which involves the collaboration of all participants in construction on a single virtual model, and thus facilitates the design, development and expert and design supervision.

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Got an idea but not sure where to go? Did you created a vision for a project to invest in but can't find the right property or team to follow you for your dream to come true? That's why we're here for you.

As your investment partner, we will listen to your ideas, opportunities, requirements and, in collaboration with you, develop a project plan and coordinate its implementation.

The services that we offer when designing a project plan are:

1. Finding the right property for your project
After you express your vision and needs, we will make every effort to find the right property for you to realize your project. We will analyze the documentation and, if necessary, regulate the legal situation (ownership relations, required permits, etc.)

2. Collecting bids for design and construction work, negotiating and consulting in the selection of the best bidder
The cost-effectiveness study takes into account all relevant factors (legal, economic, etc.), to objectively present the advantages and weaknesses of the investment project and its possibilities and possible risks. It also defines the resources needed to achieve it and the likelihood of success.

3. Coordinate investment study design
The investment study will show the economic profitability of the investment and how the project will be realized. Unlike a cost-effectiveness study, an investment study will not only determine the cost-effectiveness but also show how the project will be implemented.

4. Analysis of financing options for your project
For your project, there is always the possibility of obtaining funds from state institutions or institutions of the European Union. We will analyze the options of financing through EU grants, favourable lending, subsidized funding, or financial support from the state / regional government.

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ALPHA LUXE GROUP LTD. is a company that believes in quality marketing and the complementarity of services.

For this reason, we founded agency ISTRA PLAKATI – an agency for (outdoor), (indoor) design, marketing, and creative solutions, offering audio and video production along with leasing of advertising media space.

Agency ISTRA PLAKATI provides a complete marketing service:
• Development of a marketing (media) plan according to the wishes/needs and budget of the client – completely FREE
A creative solution for property advertisements, ads and more
Professional real estate photography and video recording with the highest quality equipment
Graphic design, prepress
Audio and video production
Wide range of advertising space throughout Croatia and media leasing

With us, you will receive a complete marketing service with a rapid turnaround time.

Our values are available at all times, speed, and efficiency.

Most requested services:
Outdoor advertising spaces: billboards, city light surfaces, beach advertising areas (changing rooms, lifeguard towers, tourist info maps etc.)
Digital, interactive advertising spaces: (digital city lights, digital banners, digital elevators, smartphone booths etc.)
Indoor advertising spaces: advertising in public transport, commercial buildings and educational establishments, health facilities, pharmacies and ACI MARINES
Taxi advertising and more

We highly recommend the advertising spaces in Poreč , on the busiest roundabout at the location Mate Vlašića 17 - the headquarters of ALPHA LUXE GROUP.

We guarantee high visibility and effectiveness of advertising with the best price.

Check our complete offer by clicking on the following link:

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In the repertoire of our services we also offer insurance. Protect your property, your vehicle or your loved ones; choose the level of protection you need and the insurance policy that suits you best.

We cooperate with the most reputable international leading insurance companies and can offer you all types of insurance on favourable terms and conditions:
• Liability insurance and auto insurance
• Property insurance
• Home insurance
• Securing tourist apartments
• Theft and robbery insurance
• Securing crops, plantations and fruits
• Insurance in case of sudden and unexpected events in the studio, which require urgent organizing the assistance of a professional (emergency intervention)
• Liability Insurance
• Life insurance and savings insurance
Travel insurance
• Boat and yacht insurance
Health insurance
• Accident insurance
• Insurance packages

We care about your safety!

Access to each client is personalized, and the offer is made according to its needs.

Take advantage of the saving possibilities and arrange insurance packages! Put together all needed insurance plans in one customized package and secure everything that matters to you at a better price.

With a simple click, request a quote without obligation and ensure your peace of mind in a few steps at the best prices.

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Astonish your buyers by allowing them a virtual visit to your property.

A virtual walk is a real-time space view technology with a rotating camera 360-degree, , lets the client experience your property in the best possible way from the comfort of their home on a computer, smartphone, TV, tablet, etc.

If you are selling a property, with a virtual walk you make a more professional impression and have confidence and security with the buyer. Using this tool avoids additional sightseeing and allows only potential buyers who have already developed a severe intention to buy your property.

If you are renting a holiday property, apartment or villa, a virtual walk is a tool that can convey to your potential guests some of the atmospheres of your tourist offer. While looking at your property, from the comfort of your home, from room to room, your prospective guests will be able to imagine their vacation and gain a much better idea of what you have to offer and how they can spend their vacation in your area. Also, a virtual walk increases your presence in Google search results, so your accommodation will appear before the competition.

With our 360 ° technology, we can create beautiful virtual walks, integrate them into all the real estate advertising portals we use and share them directly on social networks to attract more buyers.

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Need a surveyor? Contact us with confidence, and we will arrange for you all the services you need, at favourable prices.

Surveying services include:
Record the actual condition of the parcel in the cadastre and land registry
Real estate listings in cadastre and land registry
Parceling and consolidation of cadastral parcels
Development of geodetic bases for design, etc.

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The energy performance certificate is a document that contains:general building information ,energy class of a building,information about the person who issued the energy certificate,information about thermo-technical systems,climate data,information about the energy required for reference and actual climate data,explanations of technical terms and a list of applicable regulations and norms.

If your property doesn't have an energy certificate yet, we are here for you to submit a certification service offer as soon as possible and with a guaranteed competitive price.

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A real estate appraisal is a procedure that determines the actual value of the property at present, considering possible impacts (legal, economic, urban, construction, etc.) in the future. With the assessor license, a court expert guarantees the value of the real estate appraised in a market-realistic manner.

You need an assessment when you:
Evaluate real estate for obtaining loans from commercial banks when the property serves as a means of securing loan repayment
• Determine market value to form the sale/purchase price of the property
• To create construction, craft and installation costs for renovation, reconstruction, construction or extension of real estate

Following properties that go under evaluation:
Residential real estate flats, apartments, houses, villas etc.
Commercial real estate: commercial, tourist, sports and recreational, health, manufacturing, etc.
Other real estates: garages, parking lots, gas stations, department stores etc.
Land: construction, agricultural.

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The land-use analysis involves a thorough check of construction land regarding its maximum usability and commercialization.

This service is aimed at both investors and sellers /property owners.

This service helps investors to analyze as soon as possible the construction land potential and to understand the investment, to give owners/sellers an insight into what can be built on the land, as this information affects the value of the property or the price they can achieve in the market.

The service includes detailed view of ownership sheets, cadastral outlines, alignment of cadastre and land register areas, all accompanied by a graphic and textual representation from the urban planning of each area (GUP-a). In conclusion, the client is presented with the architect's conceptual design for each selected location.

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